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Nothing can be achieved in manufacturing work unless we acknowledge others. Even if what people conceptualize and want to build is a pipe dream, manufacturing starts from saying “there is potential” and “this can be built”. Without recognition it is impossible to think together with the customer.Progress cannot be made if it is decided from the outset that something is impossible. When a customer brings and explains a sketch, we proceed with the discussion as though the product is already halfway towards completion. I believe that the work of Taiseplas is to produce a way of working when it is apparent that the customer has an idea but does not know how to take that idea into mass production. Our thinking is always flexible and were are able to take action quickly. Taiseiplas will deliver manufacturing that contributes extensively to 21st century society, while building strong partnerships with all of our customers.


Kogoro Osumi (CEO)




Company name      Taiseiplas Co.,Ltd03_company01_r13_c1Founded                 May 10, 198203_company01_r13_c1

Capital stock          140,000,000yen

03_company01_r13_c1Shareholders          Iris Co.,Ltd

                              Futaba Corporation

                              Masanori Naritomi

No.of employees    43(as of November 2011)03_company01_r13_c1

Bank accounts        Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - Nihonbashi Branch

                              Mizuho Bank - Yokoyama-cho Branch

                              Shoko Chukin Bank - Main Branch



CorporatedManufacture, sales, export and import of synthetic resin products and raw materials
Manufacture, sales, export and import of raw materials required for synthetic resin treatment
Provision of expertise and technology relating to synthetic resin treatment
Manufacture, sales, export and import of metal molds
Acquisition, retention and licensing of patent rights



OA    Light electric parts    Telephones    Automobile parts    Swimming goggles

Fins for scuba diving     Super-low hardness elastomer mold products

Self-inking rubber stamp    Writing materials    Mobile phones

Peripheral equipment for personal computers,  etc




More than 300 applications for patents domestically and overseas.

Taiseiplas is actively promoting the acquisition of industrial property rights, etc.

as a result of the technology it develops in-house.

To make effective use of these industrial property right, Taiseiplas is actively expanding its licensing business.

We support the development of everyone's products with technologies that only Taiseiplas can produce.




ISO9001-2008    Acquired June 2003