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        Corporate profile
           ・Offices and affiliated companies
        Taiseiplas' main technologies


           ・NMT(ECU box・Battery cover) 

                                 ・Heat buster



           ・Injection assembly

        Total support for product development
           ・Step1:Planning and orientation
           ・Step2:2D/3D design, flow analysis
           ・Step3:Metal mold formation and integrated molding
        Technology line up
           ・Hard resin and soft elestomer joining technology
           ・Elastomer and metak joining technology
           ・Resin and aluminum alloy joining technology(NMT technology)
           ・UV coating technology for products molded from hard resin thermoplastic elasyomer

           ・Joining technology for automatic insertion of metal injection mold to automatic feeding/

                                   disconnect of resin mold product assembry and injection of different resins

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