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Taiseiplas' main technologies


We started by challenging the consensus.

Epoch-changing technologies and systems soon become common practice. 

Here at Taiseiplas, we are challenging this in our drive to realize the dreams

and demands of our customers.


NMT(Nano Molding Technology)

Metals are specially treated to form nano-level micro dimples.

Crevices on the hard resin create firm joining strength.

This is ground-breaking metal and resin joining technology.


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◆ECU box / Lithium-ion battery

Introduction of the lightweight ECU box using NMT technology,

and the power-collecting lithium-ion battery.


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◆Cooling panel  

Introduction of the "HEATBUSTER" cooling panel unit.


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NAT(Nano Adhesion Technology)

High-intensity adhesive technology NAT using NMT metal surface treatment.

In comparison with traditional construction methods, this technology has more than twice

the adhesive strength of metal bonding using epoxy adhesive.

New adhesive technology also makes it possible to drastically increase the adhesive

strength of CFRP and metal.


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2-color molding

In contrast with PC and ABS, the metal mold and engineering plastic resin join

internally using the newly-developed thermoplastic elastomer.

This delivers high-quality and highly functional production at low cost.


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