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Hard resin and soft elastomer joining technology


Using two-color molding or insert-molding, this joining technology for engineering plastic resins

surpasses the inner-metal mold thermoplasticity and PC and ABS, etc. of elastic rubber

and metal molding processes.


Reduction of production costs and component parts
Greater reliability of material quality
Reduced cost, and recyclable




Elastomer and metal joining technology


The surface is coated with a special paint (ink) and is stiffened by inserting the injection mold.

This joining technology inserts TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).
It is available for a wide range of products, such as PDAs, mobile phones, barcodes,

liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal display panels, and protective cushions.


Rationalized manufacturing process





Resin and aluminum alloy joining technology (NMT technology)


This technology produces integrated aluminum alloy and resin products by inserting a metal injection mold

in aluminum-pressed products using PBT or PPS resin.


Designed to be super-lightweight and thin to add value
Provides alternative to metal casting, etc.
Simplified manufacturing process




UV coating technology for products molded from hard resin and thermoplastic elastomer


Decorative painting and UV surface coating for 2-color molded products made from hard resins such as

ABS and PC and TPE. (For use in products such as jack covers, terminal caps, and earphone caps)
There is also decorative painting using TPE substance + UV coating technology.


Coating without need for masking, low-cost key sheet
Improved added-value, design and functionality





Joining technology for automatic insertion of metal injection mold to automatic feeding/

disconnect of resin mold product assembly and injection of different resins


When a keytop assembly is molded at once and then loaded into a stocker, the insert machine

will automatically cut off and insert the metal mold into the necessary parts (individual keytops).

Inserting the TPE here enables the keysheet to perform automatic molding.



Mass production-oriented